The news that the Orthodox Brotherhood of Canada will host the 69th Annual Episcopate Congress, at Vatra Romaneasca, was received with great joy by all its members. It constituted yet another occasion to show that unity, guarded by deep religious faith, is the way to attainment.
       Following a trip to Windsor, I was the first to arrive at the Episcopate, where I was received with abundant gladness by His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, who then entrusted me into the care of Archdeacon David Oancea. Before the arrival of the group from Saskatchewan and Manitoba, I participated, under the caring guidance of Archdeacon David, in the preparation of the church and the chapel in view of the big event.
       The next day, after the introductions made by President Gloria Buchanan and the welcoming address made by Rev. Fr. John Mancantelli, our spiritual advisor, Preoteasa Clara and secretary Virginia Murray were completed, we began undertaking our activities. They extended over a period of five days, and ended on Sunday evening.
       Throughout this period, our work was much appreciated through the friendly and grateful attitude of the Congress participants. Despite the very busy schedule, His Eminence provided us with constant attention and support. During the last day of the Congress, at the banquet, the association representatives were invited on the podium to receive warm thanks for their support.

St. Andrew Center for Orthodox Christian Education

       As a reward for all our efforts, the Episcopate organized a day trip to the “St. Andrew Center for Orthodox Christian Education” in Detroit and to the “Dormition of the Mother of God” Orthodox Monastery, Rives Junction, Michigan. Led by His Eminence, we arrived at "St. Andrew House", where we were greeted by Rev. Fr. Leonte Copacia, pastor of the newly established mission "St Raphael of Brooklyn", Ms. Mary Anne Moga from the administrative council, and Hieromonk Nicolas, representing the Monastic Community “Holly Ascension of Our Lord”.
       At the end of the tour, we all understood that, in the short span of a few months, on this blessed site of prayer and work, a new Mission and Monk Monastery were erected, as an answer to the prayers of - His name is indeed worth mentioning – Bishop Policarp Morusca. This Center is the first organization in the United States created to serve all the canonical jurisdictions of the Orthodox Church, having as President and Founder His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel.
       Saying farewell, but not before thanking them for the dinner that boasted unrivaled Romanian cuisine and for their warm hospitality, we headed West for Highway I-96.
       After an hour of travelling, having shifted our direction towards the North, we entered a wonderful place, a corner of Heaven, much resembling the hills of the Carpathians. On our left, on a glowing site, it appeared - The Dormition of the Mother of God, established in 1987, having as abbess the Very Reverend Mother Gabriela and the Spiritual Father Archimamdrite Roman Braga.
       The Vespers, to which the entire clergy participated along with the visitors, brought peace and reverence in our hearts.
       At dusk we returned to Vatra Romaneasca. The next morning at dawn, we would all leave for home. We all considered this week at the Episcopate to be a great success of the Orthodox Brotherhood of Canada, a fusion of religious faith, duty and diligence.

Alexandru Tomescu

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