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Chapter 9




So how do we go about being happy and therefore, influencing others too, with our happiness?

One recipe for this happiness formula, often resides in proverbs; in the original Latin a pro-verb literally means “in favor of a word.” Proverbs are the essential formulas of nations’ wisdom, which have survived time, genocide and destruction of their creators, into our times.

       These proverbs often reflect in more or less flowery imagery the following psychological sequence to conflict resolution: outside factor; intention; interpretation; action; and consequences. As such, if we want to come to a logical decision, we need to first take time-out in response to the aggravating factor, calm down, think of consequences in a logical fashion and respond to the stressors in an informed and lucid way, within a harmonious, loving and grateful perspective.

Here are some examples of proverbs collected from all over the world:


       1. Your anger is your enemy.

1.  Anger deprives a sage of his wisdom and a prophet of his vision.

2.  He who is slow to anger, is better than the mighty.

3.  Do not let the sun go down on your anger.

4.   An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes.

5.  No man can think clearly, when his fists are clenched.

6.  The fly cannot be driven away by getting angry at it.

7.   Anger can be an expensive luxury.

8.   Anger is quieted by a gentle word, just as fire can be quieted by the gentle water.

9.  People who fly into rage, always make a bad landing.

10.  Holding to anger is like holding a hot coal, with the intent to throw it at somebody.

11.  Hating somebody is like drinking poison and expect that somebody else will die.

12. To ask a question is embarrassing for 1 minute; to remain ignorant is embarrassing for a life time.

13.  There where Might is right, the Right is powerless.

14.  In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

15.  After thinking out things, make a decision; after making a decision don’t think anymore.

16.  One needs an umbrella, before rain can get him wet.

17.  Confusing self-worth with self-esteem, is like buying sex and expecting love.

18.  The horse is praised in the race; the man is praised in his deeds.

19.  Loose lips sink ships.

20.  When you draw a branch, you need the breeze of the wind.

21. When two people love each other, their imperfections become perfect.

22.  He who loses, wins.

23.  The cold food can be swallowed; the cold words cannot be swallowed.

24.  Let the fool and the arrogant pass first.

25.  Those who can do, act; those who cannot do, preach.

26.  Liberty is being responsible; being a libertine is irresponsible.

27.  Even if one needs a gun once in his life-time, he needs to carry it on him the whole life; even if one needs his wisdom once in a while, he needs to carry it with him at all time.

28.  Even an idiot can be useful, at times.

29.   He who begged three days in his life-time, is tempted to be a beggar for the rest of his life.

30.  He who has the sense of shame, has also the sense of duty.

31.  He who drinks, doesn’t know the damages wine causes; he who doesn’t drink knows the benefits of sobriety.

32.  He who wishes to climb, will invent the ladder.

33.  He who can swim, can also drown.

34.  He who can hate, can also love.

35.  Compassion is the beginning of love.

36.  He who was defeated, would be better served to listen, rather than giving advice on battle strategies.

37.  The children of celebrities may rarely become celebrities themselves.

38. The salmon which swims upstream, may become a dragon.

39.  With money, even an idiot is rich.

40.  If a problem has a solution, don’t worry about it; if a problem cannot be solved, don’t worry about it.

41.  If the fishes wish it, even the ocean gives way.

42.  If you are following a path you want, even 1,000 years may seem like a minute.

43.  If a woman wishes it, even a rock will give way to her.

44.  If you want to kill a general, kill his horse first.

45.  Check the measurements seven times and do the cut once.

46.  One can be bald for three years and still think he has hair.

47.  The devil lives across the street from the church.

48.  Boredom is the devil’s workshop.

49.  One action is better than 10 excuses.

50.  Those who justify themselves, they accuse themselves.

51.  The small dogs and the old dogs, don’t scare anyone with their barking.

52.  God lives in an honest heart.

53.  Without light, there is no shade.

54.  After the sun sets, we forget about the shade.

55.  It’s hard to top the achievements of people who are dead.

56.  It’s easier to find 1,000 soldiers in a battle, than one general.

57.  Actions talk louder than words.

58.  Praise the Lord and bring the ammunition.

59.  There are no atheists in the trenches.

60.  Without regular people, there are no geniuses.

61.  Be aware of the silent people; still waters run deep.

62.  The beautiful flowers bring no good fruits.

63.  In the household where there is laughter, there is also luck.

64.  On a journey you need a fellow companion. In life you need a partner.

65.  Listen to your friends about your qualities and to your enemies about your defects.

66.  Any medication in excess becomes a poison.

67.  Better one day above ground, than 1,000 days under it.

68.  Better to have as a rival respectable people, than as a friend, a weak, or stupid man.

69.  The ocean is big, because it ignores the small rivers.

70.  Tomorrow it will be tomorrow’s storm, not today’s.

71.  A miracle at age 10, a genius at age 20, a regular man at age 30.

72.  Excessive modesty hides pride.

73.  The flies gather where it stinks.

74.  The good merchant doesn’t bring all his products in sight at one time.

75.  The good merchant doesn’t hide the merchandise behind the counter.

76.  Not even Jesus was lucky all the time.

77.  No gossip survives more than the next gossip.

78.  Nobody stumbles by lying in bed.

79.  Nobody shoots arrows at a smiling face.

80.  Nobody kills fire, by throwing more gas on it.

81.  Don’t postpone good deeds.

82.  Don’t detain the person who leaves, and don’t send away the person who just arrived.

83.  Don’t be afraid to bend a little, if you want to be the bigger man.

84.  A masterpiece is never created by an amateur.

85.   A servant, just as a king, need to be fed.

86.  The strong man is hard on himself and forgiving of others.

87.  The hard-working man has no time to be sick or bored.

88.  No matter how hard the wind blows over them, the mountains will be unmoved.

89.  For every blossoming flower, there is a time to wither and die.

90.  Every beginning is the start of an end.

91.  The journey is just as important as the destination.

92.  There are no such things as a square egg and a simple woman.

93.  The bowed head is not chopped off.

94.  The bird is flying as high as it can, and the fish is swimming as deep as it can.

95.  Even a stone can talk once in a while. 

96.  There is no cure to ignorance.

97.  To be quick, means going slowly, but without interruptions.

98.  Looking for wisdom outside you is the perfect example of stupidity.

99.  Planning for the future, makes the devils laugh.

100. Once the words leave one’s lips, they’ll never return back.

101. Sincerity without reflection is closely related to stupidity.

102. The sun doesn’t know who the righteous are. The sun doesn’t know who the vile people are. The sun doesn’t shine, so that we can get warmed. He who finds himself is like the sun.

103. The loving husband and the loving wife are like one’s eyes and hands: when one’s hands hurt, his eyes are crying and when the eyes are tearing up, it is one’s hands which wipe off his tears.

104. At the bottom of the Light House there is always darkness.

105. The soul is the same at age 3 as it is at age 100.

106. Even a highway begins with a trail.

107. Even regress has its progress.

108. The cat cushions its claws until the right time comes to attack.

109. Big results take long time to come to.

110. Sadness is a rag; throw it away.

111. I refuse to let people walk with their dirty feet on my mind.

112. When a dog starts barking, the other dogs start barking too because they assume the initial dog had a good reason to do so.

113. One answer to a question brings up more questions.

114. A colony of ants can kill any snake.

115. One single candle can light 100 candles. One kind word can bring forth 1000 kind words.

116. Sometimes fighting means running.

117. The wind and the flowers can never be your long-term friends.

118. The victory belongs to the contender who can resist longer than his opponents by one second.


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