Primul Festival Anual al Filmului Romanesc, 1-3 februarie 2008, Toronto

Annual Toronto-Romanian Film Festival /Primul Festival Anual al Filmului Romanesc

       The ToRo Arts Group proudly presents the 1st Annual Toronto-Romanian Film Festival, which is poised to satisfy Toronto’s increased appetite for cinemas without borders and undiscovered cinematic expressions through a retrospective of Romania’s cinema from its early beginnings to its present international success.
       Dedicating its opening night to the late Cristian Nemescu, ToRo will screen California Dreamin’ (Endless), winner of the Un Certain Regard Award for Best Picture at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. The evening’s special guest speaker is filmmaker and York university professor Tereza Barta.
       With a line-up of feature films such as Lucian Pintilie’s 1968 political-deviant masterpiece Reenactment, Alexandru Solomon’s riveting Cold-War documentary The Great Communist Bank Robbery, the Festival second night aims to shed light on the political and cinematic context on which the ‘New Wave’ emerges from. The films will be introduced by special guest speaker, University of Western Ontario professor Dr. Calin Mihailescu.
       Delving further into Romanian cinema’s history, ToRo is proud to present a special screening of the first ever Romanian feature film, The War of Independence (1912). The Festival’s special guest, New York-based Romanian Dj, Bogman will provide the musical accompaniment for the silent film.
       The festival will close with a modern interpretation of Romania’s early voyage into the art of cinema by screening the Canadian premiere of Nae Caranfil’s latest movie, The Rest is Silence. With a record-setting budget of 24 million Euros, The Rest is Silence will be remembered as a period-piece that unveils the artistic passion that has survived in Romanian cinema from its inception to its current worldwide recognition. (Preluat din site-ul: toroartsgroup.com/news/)
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