Cornelia Păun Heinzel:  “Rich teenager, poor teenager” Part l
 translation in English: Andrei Albuş



- Wait to see what happened in Greece, with the girls, in the religious educational program, said a teacher with verve. They were only daughters of rich men, with much money. But the boys from the class were from modest families. Even though I struggled so much for to obtain free of charge camps to the seaside, they still weren’t happy. They came back slim and angry. They didn’t eat almost anything.

- But what could they give them to eat there, because your parents don’t have money, they’re pretty poor. They don’t work, so they live from social help, said a girl astonished. In the last few years, all the teenagers that went in our camps came back happy. They were satisfied with the program.

- The boys say that the meal contained pork steak, rice, mashed potatoes, but they didn’t like anything, the teachers say. Maybe the food was not well made but still, they didn’t need to be picky.


Clementin and his class-mates arrived in the morning at the camp which was at the Romanian seaside. The organizers carefully had prepared us breakfast: milk, cereals, Prague ham, Sibiu salami, cheese, bread and butter.

„What is this? I’ve never ate such things in my life. And I can’t eat food which I’m not used to. At home, I eat fried potatoes and vegetable soups. And at school, I eat snacks like back rolls.

His class-mates listened to him with trust and confidence. They were in the same situation. And so, they did the exactly same thing as their leader, Clementin. None of them touched the food.

„Let’s see what they’re going to give us for lunch said the nervous, angry teenager.

"Now, we are going to go to the beach, you can come and swim in the sea," explained the Association's instructor.     
In ten minutes, they all arrived at the great shore of the Black Sea. The hotel was very close to it.

- I won’t stay on the beach. Why, so we can fry - frying in the sunlight? What are we, hamburger or sausages? said Clementin angrily. And… This is the sea? That is dirty! And full of sea weed and weird  creatures! There’s an awful smell in the air! I won’t enter that water at all ! Friends, it would be better to return to our hotel rooms and play on the computer or on the mobile phone.         
And all the boys immediately left, angry to the hotel. They started walking towards the hotel.

- Don’t forget to come and eat your lunch! We shall be waiting for you in the restaurant of the hotel ! said the one responsible for the group, with a gentile loud voice.


The teens entered Clementin's room and cheerfully chatted on the mobile, their favorite games. The hours passed so fast that they did not even realize it. Suddenly, one of them said in a gruff voice:      
- Brothers ! Are we no longer eating? It's like lunch time. One of them, said I am hungry. Especially since I did not eat anything in the morning.     
"You're right," Clementin said. We're going to the table. Let's see what he's going to give us now! I, for one,  do not like what it is served here.

The dining room was arranged for the new guests, with white, clean-faced faces, and fragrant natural flowers in brightly colored glass pots.     
- Come on, boys! I do not like the smell of these mimes! the boy said. I will throw them out of here! I hurt ! and he moves the flowers on the free tables, away from its table. His colleagues immediately carried out the same manoeuvres. Clementine was their leader and was right in everything he did.

At lunch, the first dish was meatball soup. Steam was floating out of the bowls. But not for Clementin.

Making faces, the teenager, stirred through the liquid in the bowl and said angrily:         
- What is this ? Rice balls with meat and pork ! I never had this before, in my life! I cannot eat this! I won't even put this thing in my mouth!

The second was tasty pork (steak) with rice and red cabbage salad.
- What is this rice? I don’t like it ! What, are we Chinese? And    I didn't like pork steak and  I won’t like this,  said Clementin.

"Maybe you like the alvita," said the group leader, while the waiters coming with desert plates to the customers’ tables.   
Clementin caught the plate and examined it for a long time. Then while marking faces and putting his finger into the sweet contents , and balancing it a few times, he said:

- I know exactly what it's good for ! he said with an ironic grin, throwing the alvita.  He hit Marcel’s face, who was in front of him on the other side of the table. The teenager got angry at first, especially because the boys started to laugh loudly, and then he repeated the move on the boy standing on his right. In a few seconds, the group all started throwing, just like on the TV show. After that, of course , they got into their hotel rooms hungry , because they did not eat  anything.

In the evening, by dinner time, Clementin said to his friends:

- We shall not even go eat the rubbish they give us anymore. I‘ve discovered looking outside the window a little shop. We"ll get money from all the boys and we"ll go get what we usually like to eat: snacks, chocolates, biscuits and bake rolls...       
They however , get to walk only a bit outside of the hotel and the guard caught him, and took him to the man responsible for the group, who said with indignation.

"You cannot get out of this building alone and you cannot eat anything else. I am responsible for you safety and for your health while you’re here. If anything happens to you,  if you eat something that’s spoiled, I’m responsible.

Clementin came back dissatisfied, grumbling in the room, and playing the games started on the mobile. In the evenings, they also organized music and dance for the teens in the camp.

Clementin went with his group. 

The teens were dancing with pleasure, pleased by exciting rhythms.         
Slim girls with doll faces were waiting excited to be invited to dance. One of them was delicate, with blonde hair and blue-eyes, like the sea. She immediately cast a glance at Clementin, who looked attractive, with his contemptuous air looking superior compared to the other teenagers. 
- What’s with these girls ? They’re not like the other girls we see on the Internet. I’m not  dancing with them ! And, actually, in fact, I don’t even know ! Come on , guys ! let’s go ! What, this is music? Isn’t at  all like the one we listen to. They had better ask us to sing, said the teen!

And the boys went back in their rooms, to play. During all the days at camp, Clementin's group didn’t get out of the room. All the boys were playing on computers all the time, while stealthily eating   snacks. Because he had many ideas, Clementin once managed to get some bags of snacks. He asked the maid with a crying voice, giving her the money from his friends:     :
- Miss, we are very hungry ! Buy as some snacks or bake rolls from the shop ! We cannot eat anything else !




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