”The Millennial Generation - ALEX” or

 “Where are my parents ?”

Written by : Cornelia Păun Heinzel

Translated by : Andrei Albuş

         Cu mulţumiri scriitorului din Norvegia, care a verificat şi corectat traducerea, asigurându-i astfel o calitate ridicată



The teacher asks a brunette teenager which come to the desk :

- How’s Alex ?

- Miss, his apartment door is always closed. Nobody answers. I have heard, that heard interned somewhere. He didn’t know anything about his mother anymore since she has gone abroad after his father. His uncle takes care of him now.

- Uncle ? Alex has no uncle, exclaimed a black-sish teen.

The teacher was thinking that he know Alex when he was a student in the twelfth grade, at the college. He was a beautiful boy, he was brunette, slim, gentle and good. Because of this, his classmates were beating him daily. They were hitting him in the head with fists and harsh objects. Alex was enduring the violence to which he was subjected because he had gotten used to it in the four years of highschool. He knew that in this era, all the nice students from almost every school was treated this way. The kids were asking for his help only when their computers were broken. Then the boy was happy to help them.

-       I know how to work with computers, Miss. I know how to repair every computer or every phone, was saying Alex with pride.

The teacher had thought that he was only boasting with these performance, like every other kid in his class. But she had seen him solving a problem when a computer from the laboratory had broken.  She has her opinion since.

The Millennial
Generation - ALEX

-My father thought me how to repair computers. He was letting me dismantle them. I had also broken some computers. But it was not in voice. Now I am very skilled now. My father is better than me. He is good at all. He repairs the defects of every vehicle.                                                Alex’s mother, a fifty-year old woman was very faithful. She came to school one day and told the teacher :

-       Everything we are doing is for Alex, she said. For him we are to sacrifice, for he to have a good life in his life.

Alex told the teacher that he is pleased because he was hired in a program with corporatists. He is going to work with them and get payed.

-       I work in the tower block with the glass walls. I feel bad because I’ll soon be is and I won’t correspond with the program’s terms.

Alex’s mother told her friends to take him to the parties they frequently hold. The young man went to the parties, but he didn’t stay for long. There was the some atmosphere as in the College. In the next months, the teacher found out from Alex that his father had found a well payed job in the UK and he has left in this country.

-       Do you frequently talk to him ? the teacher asked, knowing that there was a strong connection between him and his father. He was an idol for Alex.

Alex loves him because he always helps him and he’s always there for him. “I’m always happy with you, dad“, said Alex. I have the most wonderful father in the world !”.

-       We talk on the Internet, Miss. It’s a place with English women who drink more than the drunk man from here. Dad doesn’t stop admiring them. It gets lots of money. But he is amazed that some women can drink so much alcohol. I’ll go there after my graduation, after I take exam, my baccalaureate.

They talked on the Internet for a few months, but all of a sudden they stopped. The family didn’t get the money that were regulary sent by the man.

Alex’s mother was the most scared. They didn’t have anymore money, money that was used for them to live, to      raise their boy, when they needed it the most for Alex was in the lost year at highschool.

The women went at the church them, where she was going regulary, to meet the man that had sent her husband in the UK. Alex was calling him “uncle”.

-       Please, tell me, where he is and I’ll go after him, said the women desperate.

Once home, Alex’s mother was getting ready for a long trip.

-       I’m going after your father. You be good, learn for school and do your homework. I’ll be back soon with your father and the money. That was the lost time when Alex had seen her. He hadn’t heard anything about her since that day, and neither about his father. A few months had past. The money he had, left behind by his mother, was almost gone although the boy had saved a lot of it. He payed the bills and ate a little, only not to starve. At the baccalaureate exam does he did not  appear. He tried to find some job, because he knew to work with computers and mobile phones. But his only clients were his classmates. He was repairing their computers only, without receiving any money. The offer in the program where he was getting money by working with the corporatists was no longer available because he was already eighteen.

It was Christmas Eve. The young boy was very hungry and nobody was trying to help him. Alex thought that a solution would be the man, whom he called his uncle and in which his parents trusted very much:

-       Mister, where are my parents ? Where is my mother ? Where is my father ? What happened to them ? You certainly know where you sent them.

-       How could I know, boy ? Your father, handsome as he was, probably found a woman in England and has to make other children just like you. And your mother probably found another man as well. What do you think ? That only you matter in this world ?

-       No way ! It’s not possible ! My mother was not like that. She loved me so much. Same with my father. He wouldn’t have left me for nothing in the world. I think something bad happened to them and they can’t not communicate with me. I don’t have money to go there, so I can’t find out what happened to them. Please, Mister, you  can ! Help me ! Alex said with pain in his voice.

-       Do you see these huge packets ? said the man, pointing to a pile of boxes. Help me to load the truck ! If you want to eat, work  ! You have no choice !

Alex looked at the boxes, scared and although his slim structure was not fit for the job, he carried all the boxes. At the end of his activity, the man brought him a casserole with mashed potatoes.

-       You should eat something. You’re probably hungry. What do you want to do you with the appartament ? Give me the key ! I will toke care of it from now on.

Alex gave him the keys of the apartament.

-       But where will I live from now on ?

-       No problem ! Come with me ! said the man and took Alex to the warehouse.

-       You stay here, he said showing him an old bed. Get some rest ! You’ll have to work hard tomorrow ! and he closed and locked with the key. The youg man was scared. Then Alex understood that Berevoieşti he read about recently on the Internet was not an isolated case, on the contrary…




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