Translation : Ştefan Anghel & Andrei Albuş


Cu mulţumiri scriitorului din Norvegia, care a verificat şi corectat  traducerea, asigurându-i astfel o calitate ridicată


A shiver went down Eugene's spine at the sight of a man with metal mask creepy, like an executioner. In front of his eyes, there were two globes, yellow, reddish ray casting poignant. And under the mask, she was, Consuelo, the girl he fell in love with, the love of his life. He screamed mightily when the rays touched him as if he had burned by a hot iron. And then he awoke. He was sweating ... and it was late. The clock showed nine. "God, what a horrible nightmare!" The boy said, rubbing his eyes with his hands.


         Eugen remembered, someone had to come over this morning, Gabriel, his cousin. The doorbell rang immediately.


-What are you doing, are you awake? he asked cheerfully, the newcomer.

-Yeah, cousin! We are waiting for you! the teen replied.

-Tell me, how's your girlfriend? Aunt Jenny told me that the deal... you have no peace of mind, she no longer gives you peace! the boy said.

-Brother, the girl is so romantic, she's unique! Some say that she is pretty ugly! But she's so charming. How not to fall in love with her? I'm in love, madly! Only it is my head! Everyone who saw her asked me what I found special about her. I think they are jealous ... I find her very beautiful, wonderful, she can sing and dance and she's so sensitive... I can not think of anyone else... Eugen confided. What a wonderful couple we were and what we made... We were a magnificent couple and our talent would be magnificent, as well! The girls in my high school go out with everyone. There is no one good, the ones who are, have a boyfriend ! The rest of them change partners every two or three days, like socks. And you know, I'm very romantic... continues the troubled young man. I would like a serious girl, too... but where can I find her, cousin?

         Tall, athletic, black hair, wavy slightly, with regular facial features, pleasant, Eugen was always a sensitivity and intelligence uncommon compared to other young people his age. Although he was very sociable, very hard as he found its interlocutors. But he was talking to everyone. Even if they thought completely different. He understood that. Now he was Gabriel, his cousin, silly, kind, and lovable.

-Do you not see that? Talent and intelligence, you cannot say today, in any way, shape or form. Especially nullities are promoted everywhere. And the girls ... that they are today. You must not fall in love with no one like me. Cousin, but didn't the 9th-grade girls come, yet? Gabriel asked.

-Ninth ? These are more knowledgeable as big ones! Stay all day in the toilet, waiting to catch the boys! You know what they do! They learned from middle school from girls in magazines, in films, on television! They are sophisticated! the boy replied.

-And I found one on the Internet, saying she is a millionaire and make a film that wants me to play in as actor. She told me to meet her at Champs-Élysées at an art salon whose owner was her. What to see? Surprise! When I look at the data, the woman was born in 1800, Gabriel says. And my mother found only prisoners on the Internet, inmates from maximum security prisons in the US.

-Who Mrs. Florica? Eugen asked curiously.

-Dad laughs at her, I cannot! Gabriel replied. But let's see your Uruguay girl! Show me some of her poems and her songs! I want to see her dancing! Come on, open your tablet and her website! Maybe you are right! I care about you, I  am your cousin and want you to be well ! Elders always see things differently!

--Look, I'm on your side! But I want to convince myself that, indeed, you are on the right track! Gabriel said.

-Look, her last poem, the last song, isn't it nice? As I write her lyrics! How romantic! And that voice is magical! Dancing ! exclaimed Eugen dreamer.

-Cousin! But Spanish is so beautiful ! You can fall in love with it so quickly ! Even me. Not so sensitive is fascinated by it. Man, can you write anything, even something worse, insults you, and if you swear in Spanish, it all sounds so wonderful, melodious! What you write sounds too good, too enchanting. But let's see the translation. Let's go to Google Translate to understand something! exclaimed Gabriel.


-Look what it says: "Looking at your ideal love, / I give you my love sincere, deep, innocent / I want you, I want you to madness, / My lips will touch you /, my teeth white and sharp, eager to feel your taste. / my tongue wants to feel each sweet piece in your body / I will bite deep, away from you, / I'll sniff eagerly your skin all over again / I'll eat your red lips / I will suck blood from your veins, to the last drop / and all that will remain in you / I will cover you in magical lilies". Isn't t magnificent? So she writes the lyrics! How romantic ! And what a talent ! exclaimed Eugen the dreamer.

-Eugen ! But I see no romance, no love in these verses! the boy said. I may not be too smart, but I realize that for sure. The woman you clearly says: "I will bite deep, I suck your blood from your veins to the last drop." Is this love? For me, it does not seem like it! I'm not too smart, but as I see it! I believe she is only a murderous psychopath... just... maybe these words may to have another meaning ? What metaphors, cousin, can she hide? There is no metaphor here! Everything is clear as the day! She is not a poet or a girlfriend ! Or rather, the person she says she is. I do not know who or what is in reality. I do not write any poetry !. She writes exactly what he thinks, does or what she did, in its own way, the boy said. I know you're a smart boy, but also very romantic, with an extraordinary imagination. And I believe you, you want to love. And your imagination created this perfect girl that you love using social networks.

 -Gabriel, I don’t know, maybe you're right ! But I want to convince myself. What if she is my soul mate ? A chance like this, you have once in a lifetime, said sadly Eugen. Or a scam ? Lord, is it possible? Did I come across a psychopath? Only that could happen to me! And I thought that it's natural, said the boy sad tall, dark, handsome feature. She writes metaphorically... but maybe that's not true, she may write with figures of speech. It's like being in a science fiction movie! Yes, even more than that! wailed the young man.

 -Cousin, I think everything here is very clear ! There's no one to love! Love is in your head! It's not what you want! It seems very, very much ! It's something what you need in today's society it's hard to find. I hit "you have no place to find love, / maybe just stories." Girls want money, boy. Not interested in anything else. I tell you, you are wrong! Since I didn't have any more money, my girl left immediately ! explained the cousin with pride. 

-But what do I do now, cousin, I am madly in love with her, said Eugen. Even she is expecting me to come to Uruguay. I'm making plans for the future to work there, sing along and my talent will be appreciated at its true value. We dream that we will be successful and that both will be together. The girl said she had studio recordings. She showed me the photos. She sent them to me. Wait let me see her pictures, said Gabriel, that made me curious. Gabriel looked at the tablet. Oh my God, but she really is ugly! Where did you find her ? In my high school, any girl is more beautiful than her ! And I think, she's not the same person in the pictures! The careful configuration of the face, bones, eyes and features can not ever change ! She cheated, brother ! I have a program that verifies this. Wait. Look and confirmation! There are photos from different people ! exclaimed the boy. She sent three pictures and I like them. I'm fascinated, incredible! I draw it! And I can not explain why. You can admire that she loves me and loves how I write. I thought, however, that I write metaphoric, poetic ... it did not even cross my mind she writes exactly what he thinks. You know, I am a dreamer and a romantic. In Romania, no girl write such words, ever.  And to me ... and how do lyrics sing and dance like an angel. In fact, I knew she was sending video to multiple users. She told me this. But I thought it was the ideal girl, the girl of my dreams. I never could explain but she didn't seem very intelligent and very limited mind. How can a man at the same time be very smart and very bad? As if it was two people. One had multiple personality disorder ? But how, do you think she actually told me exactly what she wants to do to me ? Lord, she have hated me if I thought so, is not it? I hate all the hard ... and I am now so scared. How will I recover from the shock ? , asks the teenager. Gabriel was desperately annoyed when he said: Well, why didn't  you realize that from the beginning ? No one told that you're wrong ? 

-Yes. Everyone, even my colleagues, friends, relatives. But I thought they were lying. I was really upset and my mom and dad thought that I want to divorce her. Good luck to you... said Eugen and think "I, which I thought was stupid... but not at all... it's really smart. He first realized... he's a smart boy, my cousin this...". Wait, know where this girl of yours is from! Gabriel said at last. And began to search feverishly on the Internet. Here I found, that Consuelo of yours is in jail ! Your girlfriend’s an inmate in maximum security prison in Pennsylvania. Look what it says here! Pennsylvania Prison ! See immediately which is why it is closed! We seek on the Internet. Look, I found an article with her. Serial killer ! That's it ! No way ! exclaimed Eugene. My girlfriend Consuelo ? So candid, innocent... so romantic this sensitive... Yes, Consuelo ! But I do not think that is your girlfriend! Her image from prison looks nothing like the pictures she sent. Show me the photos of her ex-boyfriends! the boy said. Are they her victims? Their pictures are in the newspapers. Eugen open the file sent by her. Boy, all these people are dead ! I am a victim now! My program on your computer does not lie ! But I should rather delete any connection with  it, and you do not get among them. It says that she recently escaped from prison. She stabbed a guard and managed to cross the border to Mexico. You are in danger, if she were to focus in on you… You have to first get out of any social network. Alas, but what got you into it? Some mafia - Japanese, Italian, Russian - terrorist groups, religious sects ... are all present something to you-n network, says Gabriel. It could only happen to you, Eugene ! But I like only beautiful girls, suave, full of romance !, explains Eugen. The only romantic for me, cousin ! So you see, but if you look better into it... you think angelic girls on social networks ? Phew ! Forget that ! No will now to erase ! Gabriel said mad. And how quickly I joined the network ! exclaimed Eugen. Within minutes, however, that... Look, if you still wanna go, you do not have my permission ! But, anyway ! Try again ! the boy still struggled. Not working ! But I'm not leaving until you get rid of this trouble ! I think you fucked up, man !  Good thing you're on the Internet. Mine will operate only when suppliers explain Gabriel. After a few hours, many unsuccessful attempts, the network came out of a sudden, then triumphant voice of Gabriel come: We managed bro ! I escaped the plague ! I deleted the account, social network, email and writings, music, photos that were sent by the killer. Now it depends on, what will you do next ! You only need to clear your mind, from my heart and  soul, this devil woman. And to succeed, cousin, I know you, you're a smart guy and hard-working ! There'll make you a better man ! I have some colleagues and if you want we can go out and get you some cake! It would be awesome! Cousin I tell you that if you look good enough, you can find enough girls that undress, and show you everything you want and do not want! Block hallway noise was heard. Teenagers stepped out. A priest came out of the elevator cursing like hell: From half past three sit in the elevator and I do not get one! His mother elevator! But today he passed a king by block, he said Eugen to Gabriel whispering. Competition, Eugen. Competition! Gabriel explains the whispering voice... you blocking, you think it was arranged in the elevator ? asked the boy. More than likely, his cousin said. So proceed today if you want to make some money. Eugen was beginning to feel bad, very bad, as if he was seriously ill. All ached all his internal organs, all members had unexplained dizziness and a bad flood his whole body. He was handsome boy, tall brunette with nice features, intelligent, walking like a junkie without consuming in reality any hallucinogens.  High school teachers were all intrigued by the young man's behavior ever since it started to speak face to the network. Drugs. Mom believed it, I was really bad! What do I do? said Eugen. Let's take him to the doctor! Hopefully he doesn't suffer with something! said his mother, who was also a medical professional. Eugen and he went with his mother to the doctor. The doctor send him to the ER  to take some shots. When he finished, after a week, the teenager was brought results. No, I know what I'll do ! You are healthy. You do not suffer from anything, the specialist said,  carefully examining the results from the shots. And then what's the problem ? asked the worried mom. I do not know, ma'am, I do not know. There's unexplained phenomena that medicine has not yet elucidated, said the doctor. They left  the doctor's office and she told her son:

 - We have to go to find your mom. Can you spell something. We will learn what to do in this case. Grandmother, hearing issues dear nephew, thoughts. Eugen was charmed by someone. But, when your nephew is evil, you do sign of the cross over you, in the place where it hurts and say "dammit" the elder told him. And boy did so. Notes with amazement that evil had passed as if by magic. "Perhaps it is only a suggestion," he thought. Eugene was always teased because of family problems. All day there were quarrels in the family. Father, a skilled man, a good craftsman, could not find work. Uruguay love for the girl helped him forget about the troubles. Eugene's mother, do well. But she has a profession sought, requested forever. As a nurse, she didn't have any problems at all. Back home though was arguing with her husband. He could not understand how he can't find a job. Eugen, their son, no longer wants to hear the discussions in the house. They started driving him crazy. And in school he didn’t the satisfaction that she needed. He, smart boy, was not appreciated the value him. M-I would go and I joined up with the pope and our beautiful," said in a later than Jeni, the mother of Eugen. All women will want to be with him! It is business man and the driver of the bus. God, what a fall in love all the fanatical borders so vulnerable ! They say they would go with him to the holy places, to clean! But in reality, on pope's will. And some, worse if i fail you advertise then on the high priest, at the Parsonage. Someone long sounds at the door of the apartment. Eugen opened the door. We came up with checking the power plant. Is mandatory. The woman do not really have problems. But at home, quarreling with her husband. He could not understand how he can not find work. Eugen, their son, but the talks do not bear the house. They were mad. And the school did not find the satisfaction he needed. He, intelligent boy, he was not appreciated at its true valoare.M I'd go on pilgrimage with our most beautiful priest, he said in a later Jeni, mother of Eugene. All women want him! That is the businessman and minibus driver. They say go with him to the holy places, to clean! But in reality, they're the king. And some, worse, if they fail, then he requires the priest to Parish. Someone rings the door of the apartment long. Eugen open the door. Am income verification panel. It is mandatory.

- It only costs a few million, said the man. Where is the facility ? Now I need to reinstall, said the man embarrassed. He looked lost and tried to assemble two parts. They did not fit at all. He tried a few without any result, not knowing how to put back, apparently Jeni. Se said yes, and we answered tangled the worker. Well what? asked Ilie. No you know I made you a sign that check and you are right, said the specialist ! We ? get angry woman. It's winter ! I can not handle alone, confided the specialist. Leave it alone we try after the installation plan,  said Elias. After several hours of torture, the family managed to install central place. They sat on chairs tired. Jeni recovered when they heard his voice thick again: Eugene, I now give because you find something to do to earn money. That you find, you only work for free - to charities, associations, parties ... it exploits all the unscrupulous. You received only a shirt or a hat. Found in you, perfect patsy. To "KFC" if you work, even if you do all day, you win money. I'll give you something, you're not fooling others, his mother said. Interested? Well, accepts the boy, confused by everything that had happened, he could not be induced into believing that, among so many evils, and were some more ! I have to work, get out of my mind Consuelo! He took hold of me, my heart, my soul ! How hard it will be to erase from memory ! I work so much, being so tired that I can not think of anything, so neither it... now... He remembered with nostalgia that had met the girl on the Internet ago. He was alone at home was playing and to enter in social networking. Such a cute Japanese acquaintance with a lovely picture, a Turkish appealing a Chinese fascinating, a Polish sweet and... Consuelo, in South America, Uruguay... or rather, as she said, that cousin 'Gabriel found her in Pensylvannia. The magic of the holiday season everything seemed so romantic ! To know a girl from the realm of soap operas... these films, where his mother and the neighbors were watching every day with so much passion! And oh, what language attractive and melodious ! You can fall in love with a person who speaks from first sight... even without understanding much of it ! What can be charming of the expressions "Aja ja; ja... "Onomatopoeia that seem wonderful ! Used in writing, as in everyday speech !

Eugen began to converse only in English Consuelo. It was not a beauty, but what he wrote was so romantic... he had not seen any female person to be so far. It was exactly as he wanted, he was his dream girl !

Holidays and New Year they spent in ecstasy, congratulating each other. „Tú no sientos la magia que es entre nosotros?”  the girl had written a exciting message. And Eugen receive first poem of Consuelo ! What wonderful lyrics ! Were sensual ! And when she sang, he was finally conquered ! The boy read the first poem received, learned almost by heart: “Si mirarás mi cara de chica/ y mi cuerpo sensual de mujer,/ si tocarás mi piel delicada / mis labios rosados y húmedos,/ sentirías mis susurros/ mis gemidos cuando sueño que me acaricias./ Si abrazarás el perfume de mi cuerpo/ y el aroma de mi piel de bebé,/ si pudieras besar los estremecimientos de mi cuerpo cuando nos amemos,/ y las vibraciones de mi corazón cuando esté contigo,/ entonces yo sería tuya/ para siempre, en tus pensamientos, en tus sueños… “. "What is sensual girl ! " Eugen think. And since then, her lyrics have not been out of my mind. He was stirring up deep down. He had come to haunt him. "A girl of a rare sensitivity, to write poems ! What could be more wonderful !".

The poems were usually accompanied by videos, with songs by her and the images that drew him to madness. He sleep and wait until dawn to open the laptop to chat again with Consuelo. All night was only a dream. Crazy in love ! No girl who had not until then, heart beating so hard. Only what I see pictures on the Internet and his imagination was wild. He felt drunk with happiness... ecstatic that had met Consuelo the angel of his life. He answered romantic as possible. He searched the Internet and learned for her English better. But he wanted to converse in Spanish. That seemed more romantic... "te quiero... abrazos... besos… mi alma y corazón... you..." were the words I used Consuelo with his friends, connoisseurs charming languages. Then observed that a very high percentage of words in Spanish, resembled move with the langue Romanian.

Uff! It was easier to write and understand this language! And he must learn this idiom, to please Consuela, to eliminate competition, thought Eugene. Only then can it face plate... as much as those with who shared the same language. Timidly tried to convey some formulas in Spanish. And he succeeded perfectly. They understood. And he received as a reward for "abrazos" and "besos". From day to day, he improved more and more. He came to know the last common words, they could understand perfectly, even without using the Internet translater.

      And Consuelo, the romantic girl, regularly sending them further lyrics. Magnificent poetry, pure love, pure as he never believed that it would ever came across !

      Eugene was permanently in a state of ecstasy. He walked as if floating. Someday, in a big intersection in the middle of Bucharest and was about to be run over by cars. He noticed that something happened to him. But as always they quarreled and did not give much attention to the phenomenon.

       Consuela photos, were constantly before his eyes. He listened to her music heard, permanently in the ears and could not hear the other songs. Consuelo became everything to him! It was the pinnacle of happiness!

His classmates who envied him for his intelligence but for his physique, observing his condition Eugen, began to mock him:

-What happened, brother? They teased him, knowing the boy's cause for his strange behavior.

-Wait, let me show you a picture of my beloved! Eugen told them proud and open of his tablet.

-Maaaa, but it's ugly! exclaimed his fellow colegues, laughing. Where did you find her? One more beautiful, you know? There are many who look better than her!

- Consuelo is the girl of my heart. She is romantic and write me poems! You write any lyrics?

- Poems do ? Ha, ha, ha! Another colleague laughed. I need a girl in the flesh with which to do the right thing. What poetry! These are for girls! Silly girls! I think you are crazy, boy ! Look at Eugen’s girlfriend ! And summoned the others guys to see photo of Consuela.

        You are wicked ! And jealous ! Like always ! the  troubled teen said.

        Once home, he picked up again the contact with Consuelo. The girl asked him to post other pictures of him. Eugene was a boy very handsome, tall, dark, curly hair, big black eyes, long eyelashes and back, full lips and delicate nose. Immediately sent a photo to Consuela. And she wrote to him immediately. "It seems badly! You're not very nice. If I think about it, you're kind of ugly. " The boy shook his tears. I always thought it was very nice. Nobody said anything. And just Consuelo, for whom he was in love, told him that ! He tried another picture. The girl replied after a week they ! You look better". And lent her one. "I do not like the first and everything is pretty ugly," thought Eugene, but he felt towards her a huge attraction. How not felt for another girl known! There was a silent night. Fell asleep with her in mind, he woke up with her. He was dreaming with his eyes open all day, no matter what he was doing on the way to school, in class, no matter where it was. Consuelo was in his mind, in his heart, in his soul and in every corner of his body... and his heart beat for her, for her breathing, her blood circulating through his veins down... it was that he could not concentrate to do anything else. And he was in senior year ... had to offer baccalaureate. But if he had forgotten about this...

          Teachers of high school student noticed their dream state and have concluded that they are drug users.

-Eugene, badly ! Sure draw something on the nose, because otherwise it can not be in love with an ugly ! the boy said.                                                              

The teenager continued the conversation with Consuelo. From time to time, it used to make him cry. He, who was so masculine, tough, hard... this girl knew exactly what to say and touch it in the most sensitive corners of her heart! To Eugen, however, everything that Consuelo wrote, the pictures, the songs he sent to him seemed fascinating, sensual, appealing... no known girl had ever exerted so much on him... for it made him feel all the time at the height of ecstasy. His whole life was spinning around his face. She lived for her, she felt for her... she was all for him ! Beside the poems, the girl also posted pictures of her ex-lovers... actually Eugen thought so, it was... because she never asked her... not to bother her... 

-Suddenly, on a weekend, Consueo, he told her he would miss a few days: "I'm leaving for a few days at sea. I'm in love with the sun, the beach, the delicate and hot sand, the blue waves ... because it's in the country and there is no internet connection, I will not communicate with you for a few days. "

What's Eugen's worried about those days !                          


"Did Consuelo find someone else? Just at the weekend to eave? Of course! But what should I do? We are separating thousands of miles and a ocean of water. And there is also a quick, latin blood ... what I can claim from her under these conditions! " thought Eugen.

             Monday night, however, he became calmed down. Received the Consuela's message. She send him alongside a picture of the beach with a poodle in his arms "It's my  dog ! Do you like it? " she wrote.                                                              

              And then all of Eugen's doubts shattered in a moment. "How could I not believe this angel  of agirl ! Only he is guilty , that he doubts her honor! "

In the following weeks, the pauses  was repeated more and more often and becomed longer. For Eugen, however, was they were periods of intense suffering and disturbance. The thought that he could lose Consuelo did not give him peace. She was bashing hir soul...  her silence  was disturbing. A tormented man had become.

In the house, his mother was  scared, alerted, with Eugen's condition.

- What's wrong with you, boy, What happened  to you?  You are sick not, that's what the doctor says. But then what  do you wait ? What is with you ? Has someone to make spells on you  How did you get that way? Begin monday to work on "KFS" and get your dick off your head!

Eugen had really started to work from Monday. From early in the morning until evening. And all night, he did not dream of Consuelo. In his head were all the orders listened repeatedly during a day at the fast food restorant: ” A menu here ! Chicken wings!”. The next day , he went again to work. Eugen heard the language that a few clients were talking. One young women said she was from Uruguay. Scared, the young man looked at her and  recognized the picture from prison. He froze for a few moments. He felt that he couldn’t move anymore. When he snapped out of it, he went to the room in the back where food was prepared. ”Oh my God ! it cannot be ! The Uruguay girl ! His nightmare started again. Will I get away from it ?  If she escaped from prison only to come after me… ”, he thought scared. I must run fast, so I don’t get like… the others”.




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