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       Excelenței Sale
October 15, 2018
       Honorable Michael R. Pompeo
       United States Secretary of State
       U. S. State Department
       2201 C Str. NW
       Washington, DC, 20520

       Dear Mr. Secretary:

       We write you as loyal Americans who want to see America great again. At the same time and as citizens of Romanian origin we also want to see our native country great and an ever stronger ally of the United States. Romania is currently a staunch American friend and one of the main pivots of U.S. policy in Eastern Europe. In recent years, for example, Romanian troops fought and sacrificed together with the American troops in the Middle East.
       One of the most delicate Romanian issues that have been ignored by the previous U.S. administrations is Bessarabia, a former Romanian province that was separated from Romania by the secret provisions of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of August 1939. This part of Romania became a Soviet Republic and then, after the collapse of the Soviet Union in August 1991, the independent Republic of Moldova. Most of the inhabitants of this area are ethnic Romanians and their desire to reunite with Romania is ever growing.
       Mr. Secretary, at the beginning of October, George Simion, a Romanian citizen and the General Secretary of the Actiunea 2012, a Romanian organization that advocates the reunification of Moldova with Romania, while travelling through Moldova was detained by the Moldovan authorities, was abused and maltreated, and was banned for five years to reenter Moldova.
       On behalf of the American community of Romanian origin we protest strongly against such acts and ask the Department of State to take a stand in defense of the Romanian nation.
In our deep conviction, the sooner Washington understands that reunification of the Romanian nation is imminent, and the sooner the State Department acts correspondingly, the better for America’s national security interests.

       Prof. Dr. Nicholas Dima

Prof. Dr. Nicholas Dima, President
Lia Roberts, Executive Vice President
Neculai Popa, Public Relations Vice President
Valentin V. Ţepordei, Communications Vice President
Nicholas Buda, Vice President for Youth Issues
Alexandru Tomescu, Vice President for Canada

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