Outrageous Moments From Super Bowl LV

Outrageous Moments From Super Bowl LV

With the stands packed with 22,000 lovers and 30,000 more cardboard cutouts to market social distancing, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the proverbial large game in their home area, giving Tom Brady the seventh tournament because the portrait that he retains in a cupboard develops increasingly more withered. (That is a bit of Oscar Wilde’s comedy for the Super Bowl blog article.
The Weeknd gave a fittingly bizarre halftime show performance with this odd edition of the national pastime, even while we had been treated with an unnerving hologram of Vince Lombardi, along with an unexpected look from a party crasher at a pink thong. Now the confetti was unleashed, here would be the most outrageous moments in the whole day.

Miley Cyrus went complete punk on TikTok

There is something somewhat gloomy about Bikini Kill’s riot grrrl anthem”Rebel Girl” being played in an event known as the”TikTok Tailgate Super Bowl Pregame Show.” But, we must acknowledge that Miley Cyrus’s cover, conducted at said event, was actually pretty wonderful. (Along with also the concert itself was aimed toward vaccinated healthcare employees, which can be wonderful.) Following Stereogum, Cyrus’ collection contained guest appearances from Joan Jett and Billy Idol, but the best moment was her interpretation of”Rebel Girl.” The fantastic tune and Cyrus are always pretty good at covers.

Champ and Major Biden encouraged mask sporting in the Puppy Bowl

The significant match-up of the afternoon was broadcast hours sooner than the true Super Bowl when clubs Ruff and Fluff confronted at the always cute Puppy Bowl. While the actual stars were gamers like Chunky Monkey and Fozzie, there was also a star cameo out of First Dogs, Major, and Champ. Jill Biden listed a PSA about mask-wearing starring the Biden puppies, who seemed to have no idea what was happening but were adorable nonetheless.

The audience was packed… with cardboard cutouts

After almost a year of social distancing, quarantining, and wrinkling our noses in the enjoyable holiday Instagrams published by former high school classmates we have not talked to since graduation, it is super weird to find a lot of people gathered in 1 area. The term”PACKED” was trending on societal websites early in the match, and given all of the shots of what seems to be a scene at full capability, we are not surprised. Yes, there are actual live soccer fans in attendance at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL–not as many as it appears. The NFL announced that 22,000 individuals are in the crowd, also 7,500 of these are healthcare workers who’ve been vaccinated. Another 30,000 seats are filled from the ever-popular cardboard cutouts, providing an enjoyable uncanny-valley vibe into the night’s event as so many different events (like baseball matches along with the National Dog Show).

Vince Lombardi’s hologram stressed out everyone

Why do giant media firms keep trying to create holograms occur? In a bizarre effort to produce a dystopian-feeling Super Bowl that resembles a deleted scene in Blade Runner, a digital version of legendary football coach Vince Lombardi appeared on a display in the scene to offer some inspirational words to the audience. It had been assumed to be rousing, however, it was largely just unsettling. Let us leave this material in Star Wars films.

Reddit squeezed in a five-second advertisement

Listen, Super Bowl advertisements are costly. A normal 30-second place goes for its steep cost of $5.5 million–which does not count the dough many firms drop on star cameos and familiar needle-drops–therefore that it makes sense that Reddit went the scrappy path for this super-short text-based advertisement, which performed directly after half-time. Referencing the Game Stop chaos of the previous couple of weeks, the message was fast, timely, and likely captured the interest of your online co-worker or relative.

The Weeknd performed freaky dancers

The Weeknd, a performer famous for mainly sad songs about drugs and sex, was always likely to be an odd pick for the Super Bowl halftime show, but it was he could at least deliver about a pleasure medley and light series. There were no special guests, only a divisive spectacle with a horde of amateurs in face bandages. Reportedly spending $7 million of his own money to have the vibe he desired, The Weeknd hurried through his hits, such as”Earned It” which appeared on the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, also”Blinding Lights,” while dancing through elaborate collections. The dizzying handheld camerawork if he vanished into a tunnel of lighting to get”Can not Feel My Face” was ideal for memes. Sure, the audio combination left a great deal to be desired, however, the bandaged dancers were freaky enough to overthrow the event.